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In 1872, Sir David Baxter, 1st Baron of Kilmaron, died and bequeathed £20,000 (£1,581,200 inflation-adjusted) to establish the School of Mechanics in Dundee. Baxter’s bequest was to create an educational institution that would allow young (male) working mechanics and other craftsmen to improve themselves. After several years of delay, the trustees finalised a plan and the conditions of the bequest were satisfied, Dundee Technical College opened on 15 October 1888 on land purchased from University College Dundee, adjacent to Small’s Wynd in Dundee . An initial enrolment of 238 students is taught according to the syllabus of the South Kensington Government Department of Science and Arts and London City and Guilds College. Subjects were mainly science and technology, but applied arts were also taught, and jute spinning and textile design were soon added to the mix.

Abertay University certificate
Abertay University certificate

Where to purchase a fake Abertay University certificate? In 1901, Dundee Technical College enrolled 723 part-time students and was one of the first educational centres to be recognised as a ‘Central Institution’ by the Scottish Ministry of Education. In 1906, a new site on Bell Street in Dundee was purchased to build a larger complex to accommodate the growing student population. In 1911, the completed complex was officially opened as the Dundee Institute of Technology and the School of Art. The product portfolio has now expanded again to include marine engineering and navigation.

The First World War hindered enrollment and growth, but the professional nature of the college meant that its courses were highly relevant to the war effort. Records show that the first female students enrolled in 1914. After the war, the college continued to expand, adding a new college of pharmacy, as well as more engineering and architecture programs. Business courses such as finance, economics and accounting have been added to support domestic and foreign trade. Order a diploma from UK