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Purchase Process


Purchase Process
Purchase Process


1. Obtain the order form from our business manager, fill it in and send it to our email address.
2. Make a 50% advance payment.
3. Design a digital copy for you.
4. Confirm the content information.
5. Pay the balance.
6. Arrange printing and make embossed seals.
7. Packaging and delivery.
It takes 4-5 days to make and the delivery time is about 5 days.

Payment methods:
1. With Western Union, you can pay online conveniently. If online transfer is not supported, you can pay at the nearest WU port.
2. Money Gram, it is easy to pay with money gram. You can pay online or go to the Money Gram port to pay.
3. Through international wire transfer, you can pay online by wire transfer after you obtain our account from our company. It takes about 3 days to reach our account, or only a few minutes in some countries.

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