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High praise from German customers

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High praise from Hong Kong customers

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What is the guarantee that I will receive my purchase?
You can rest assured that you can completely avoid not receiving your product. According to Article 75 of the Consumer Credit Card Act of 1974, card issuers and retailers are jointly liable for incorrect purchases. If you paid with a credit card that you did not receive, you can apply for a refund from the credit card provider. Our solution is to ship your products via UPS and require your signature. In this way, you have the confidence to receive your product, and we have evidence that you received your product.

Do not change the school or design without notice!
Other companies may verbally promise the school or design you want, but will completely replace another school name, another design, or another degree and major without notifying you. Check the statement in the “Terms and Conditions” that allows them to do so.