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 South Australian driver's license
South Australian driver’s license

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An Australian driver’s license can be exchanged for a Hong Kong driver’s license in Hong Kong. When applying for a driver’s license, if your driving experience is more than 3 years and you want to get a Full Licence directly, but the handler thinks that your Hong Kong driver’s license is not enough for three years, you must show Off your Chinese driver’s license and its translation, and argue that: This is a valid document to prove that my driving experience is more than three years, and I can get NSW Full Licence. If the other person is not sure or disagrees with your point of view, you can ask the other person to confirm with their manager. When the manager of the other party cannot give a clear answer, I strongly recommend that you stop the application and try another Service NSW with the documents. According to my experience, not every Service NSW, or every employee of them knows the rules, because I have encountered too many walls, the same thing has different answers in different places,