How to buy fake Clemson University diploma in the USA, 购买克莱姆森大学文凭

Clemson University diploma
Clemson University diploma

How to buy fake Clemson University diploma in the USA
The university’s founder, Thomas Green Clemson, came to the foothills of South Carolina in 1838 when he married Anna S. Anna Maria Calhoun. When Clemson died on April 6, 1888, he left much of the fortune he inherited from his wife, which he used to establish a college to teach scientific agriculture and mechanical arts to South Carolina people. His decision was heavily influenced by white supremacist and future South Carolina Governor Benjamin Tillman. Tillman lobbied the South Carolina Legislature to create the school as the state’s agricultural agency, and the resolution passed by just one vote.

Clemson made it clear in his will that he wanted the school to be modeled after what is now Mississippi State University: “I want this school to be controlled and governed by a board of trustees, some of which will be appointed below, and modeled as closely as possible on Mississippi Agricultural College. .”