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Buy fake HIBS diploma online, 霍特国际商学院文凭出售 - Buy a Fake Diploma|Buy a Fake Degree|Buy a Fake Certificate/Transcript

Buy fake HIBS diploma online, 霍特国际商学院文凭出售


如何制作假的霍特国际商学院学位,在线购买假的 HIBS 文凭,在美国购买假的 MBA 学位。霍特国际商学院(HIBS)在美国三个城市设有校区。该学院称自己为全球商学院,因为它还在世界不同地区的五个城市设有校区。全球化和多元文化不是一种战略,而是研究所的身份。 HIBS 成立于 1964 年,当时它成立为 Arthur D Little 管理学院。 Arthur D Little 以世界上最早的管理咨询公司而闻名。后来,商学院与波士顿学院的卡罗尔管理学院建立了合作伙伴关系。

该学校于 2002 年被瑞典亿万富翁 Bertil Hult 收购,并经过重组和重新建立,成为今天众所周知的 Hult 国际商学院。 HIBS 收购了位于伦敦布卢姆斯堡的私立美国大学哈德逊大学,这将 HIBS 引入了美国海岸。

How To Make A Fake Hult International Business School Degree, Purchase Fake HIBS Diploma Online, Buy Fake MBA Degree In USA. Hult International Business School (HIBS) Has Campuses In Three US Cities. The Institute Calls Itself A Global Business School Because It Also Maintains Campuses In Five Cities In Different Parts Of The World. Being Global And Multicultural Is Not A Strategy, But The Institute’s Identity. The Foundation Of HIBS Was Laid In 1964 When It Was Set Up As Arthur D Little School Of Management. Arthur D Little Is Famous As The World’s Earliest Management Consulting Firm. Later, The Business School Entered Into A Partnership With Boston College’s Caroll School Of Management.

The School Was Purchased In 2002 By Swedish Billionaire Bertil Hult And Was Reorganized And Re-Established As What It Is Known Today As Hult International Business School. HIBS Acquired Hudson University, A Private American University Located In Bloomsberg, London, And This Introduced HIBS To American Shores.