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How to buy a fake Hofstra University diploma online - Buy a Fake Diploma|Buy a Fake Degree|Buy a Fake Certificate/Transcript

How to buy a fake Hofstra University diploma online

Hofstra University diploma
Hofstra University diploma

How to buy a fake Hofstra University diploma online
This college was established as an extension of New York University (NYU). It was founded on a wealthy couple, Dutch timber entrepreneur William S. Hofstra (1861–1932) and his second wife Kate Mason ( 1854) on the legacy of –1933). The extension was proposed by Hempstead resident Truss Delpek Calkins, who had served as the head of the Hempstead School. In her will, Kate Mason provided most of their property and property for charitable, scientific or humanitarian purposes, and was named after her husband. In the spring of 1934, the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation proposed to convert the estate into a sanatorium for polio patients, especially for President Franklin Roosevelt, but nothing happened. Two friends, Howard Brower and James Barnard, were asked to decide what to do with the inheritance. Calkins told Brauer that he had been looking for a place to establish a higher education institution, and the three agreed that this would be an appropriate use of the estate. Calkins approached the management of New York University and they expressed interest.

When the college was founded, it was a co-educational commuter organization with day and night classes. The first day of class at Nassau-Hofstra Memorial College was September 23, 1935. There were 150 students enrolled, with equal numbers of men and women. The first class consists of 159 day students and 621 night students. The tuition fee for that year was US$375. The college received temporary charter status and its official name was changed to Hofstra College on January 16, 1937.