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Buy a Northern Vermont University diploma, Order a NVU degree in 2024

Buy a Northern Vermont University diploma, Order a NVU degree in 2024

Northern Vermont University diploma
Northern Vermont University diploma

Buy a Northern Vermont University diploma in the USA. How long to get a Northern Vermont University degree? Purchase a fake NVU diploma in 2024. Make a fake diploma. There are many universities both internationally and domestically that have applied to change their names due to improved teaching standards, increased number of subjects, higher degree levels and other reasons. However, the main reason for the newly renamed Northern Vermont University in the United States is quite “pure”: just to attract Chinese students. Buy a fake degree in the United States, # buy a diploma in USA. Get Bachelor degree online, obtain a fake US College degree. How to buy a fake degree from the USA?

Northern Vermont University was formed from the merger of two state colleges: Lyndon State College and Johnson State College. According to the name of the original school, it would be reasonable for the new school to be called “Northern Vermont College”. However, according to US media reports, 60% of the 500 faculty, staff and students who voted to change the school’s name chose “University”.
The school has explained a lot about this. For example, when promoting online education, people are accustomed to typing “University” instead of “College” and so on. But in the final analysis, it’s still about “money.”

The person in charge of the school bluntly told the American media that “College” is not as prestigious as “University”. In some countries (mainly China), “College” means high school rather than university. So, if your name is not catchy, how can you attract people? You know, Chinese students can pay full tuition!

How to buy a fake Northern Vermont University diploma?

Changing the name of a college or university is expensive. Chen Hang, chief development officer of WholeRen Education in the United States, said that if the school name changes, it needs to be reported to relevant agencies, and new marketing materials and promotional materials need to be prepared. All these factors add up, and the expenses are quite high. However, even if it spends a lot of money, this university is determined to change its name. The reason is very speechless: in Vermont, Castleton University, a state university, also changed its name from “College” to “University”. Northern Vermont University is even more anxious about this. Look at others, they are already ahead.

In fact, in the impression of Chinese people, American colleges and universities don’t seem to worry much about their names. For example, the “Deep Spring College” that was popular in the circle of friends some time ago was established in 1917. Until today, people in China know that this school has trained many top students from Harvard and Yale.

However, from the incident of Northern Vermont University changing its name, we seem to be able to smell something. These American universities have begun to regard Chinese students as their financial backers, and Chinese students have gradually become the main source of international education revenue in the United States. Fake diploma now. Order fake diploma. Buying a fake diploma.

Is that so? How much does Northern Vermont University need Chinese students?

US media stated that at some smaller public universities in Vermont, financial allocations only account for 16% of their income, while tuition and related fees account for 58% of their income. Currently, most Chinese students prefer to go to larger public schools such as the University of California and the University of Washington. In terms of attracting international students, Vermont is almost at the bottom of the national rankings, ranking only 48th. Chinese students are not only an important source of income for Northern Vermont University, but also for the entire United States, Chinese students have become one of the main sources of international education revenue in the United States. Buy a fake diploma in the United States. Where can I purchase a NVU diploma?