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Where to buy a fake Rush University degree certificate

 Rush University degree certificate
Rush University degree certificate

Where to buy a fake Rush University degree certificate
The history of Rush University Medical Center dates back to March 2, 1837, when the Rush School of Medicine received its charter. Daniel Brainard, MD, founded the Rush School of Medicine in March 1837, two days before Chicago was chartered as a city. Rush School of Medicine officially opened on December 4, 1843, and it took seven years from grant to charter—22 students enrolled in the 16-week program.

The college is named after Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a Pennsylvania physician who named George Washington as one of his patients. After the Revolutionary War, he became a medical and humanitarian leader. He was also a social activist, a prominent advocate for the abolition of slavery, science education for the masses, including women, and treatment of the poor in public medical clinics. When he died in 1813, he was the most famous physician in America.

Like most medical schools in the 19th century, Rush was a proprietary institution owned and run by a group of physicians who, along with Brainard, established a practice in young Chicago. Presbyterian Hospital is Rush’s teaching hospital, opened in 1884. After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, Rush abandoned the destroyed campus and rebuilt it near the West Side it occupies today.