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Texas A&M University–Commerce diploma
Texas A&M University–Commerce diploma

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The history of the Business School of Texas A&M University began in 1889. It was founded by Kentucky native William L. Mayo in Cooper, East Texas Normal College (ETNC), which is a A private teacher training college based on the principles of teacher training. ETNC moved to Commerce after destroying the original campus in a fire in July 1894. One of Commerce’s main advantages is that it has good rail connections, boasting that the St. Louis Southwest Railroad (“Cotton Belt”), Texas, has regular services to Dallas, Sherman, and Texarkana and is in Texas. The State Midland Railway leads to Paris, Ennis and Houston.

ETNC was acquired by the State of Texas in 1917 and changed its name to East Texas State Teachers College after it was transformed into a public college. In 1923, it was renamed East Texas State Teachers College to define its purpose “more clearly”, and its graduate education program began in 1935.