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Texas Woman's University degree certificate
Texas Woman’s University degree certificate

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The university’s flagship Denton campus covers an area of ​​270 acres and is located in Denton, Texas, approximately 40 miles northwest of Dallas. When the university was founded, the old main building was built in 1902 to accommodate all academic courses and students of the university. The first dormitory was opened in 1907 and the second teaching building was completed in 1911.

During the Great Depression, University President LH Hubbard used the increasing funding provided by the federal government through the Engineering Projects Administration and the Public Works Administration to expand campus infrastructure, double the teaching space, improve local roads and sidewalks, and build small Regional landmarks such as churches are in the woods. [15] In 1938, the campus was presented with a statue of a pioneer woman by the state assembly and commissioned Leo Friedland to commemorate the 100th birthday of Texas. The second expansion in the 1960s and 1970s established the university’s current campus Part of the campus footprint, with more than 20 teaching and administrative buildings.

The Denton campus currently has five dormitory buildings, all of which are currently co-educational, including the tallest building in Denton, Guinn Hall. [16] Students classified as freshmen or sophomores, or students under the age of 21, must live in campus dormitories.