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How Can I buy a fake University of Phoenix degree, 购买凤凰城大学学位证书 - Buy a Fake Diploma|Buy a Fake Degree|Buy a Fake Certificate/Transcript

How Can I buy a fake University of Phoenix degree, 购买凤凰城大学学位证书

University of Phoenix degree
University of Phoenix degree

Buy fake University of Phoenix degree certificate
How Can I buy a fake University of Phoenix degree
The University of Phoenix has an open admissions policy, which means anyone with a high school diploma, GED or equivalent can visit. Prior to 2010, Phoenix used high-pressure sales strategies to recruit students, including claims that courses fill up quickly and are paid by admissions consultants, partly based on their success in recruiting students. The university recruits students and obtains financial aid on their behalf, such as the Academic Competitiveness Grant, Federal Pell Grant, National SMART Grant, Federal Direct Student Loan Program, Federal Supplementary Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Direct PLUS Loan, Federal Perkins Loan and Wounded Soldier Project. In the 2017-18 award year, 51,990 students from the University of Phoenix received federal Pell grants.

In addition to traditional education courses, the school also provides continuing education courses for teachers and practitioners, professional development courses for enterprises, and professional learning courses for military personnel. Students will spend 20 to 24 hours with a teacher in each course. The university requires students to collaborate on learning team projects, dividing the class into teams of four to five students. Each learning team is assigned a team forum where team members discuss the project and submit their agreed learning team task parts for compilation by the designated learning team leader.

Students can access class-specific online resources, including electronic libraries, textbooks, and other course materials. Some scholars and former students believe that shortening courses and using learning teams will lead to poor education. [65] The University of Phoenix has been criticized for its lack of academic rigor. Henry Levine, a professor of higher education at Columbia University Teachers College, called his business degree “MBA Lite,” and said, “I’ve seen [its] course materials. This is a very low-level teaching.” The university offers a program. A project called “Corporate Articulation Agreement”, which allows people working in other companies to earn university credits through training completed on the job. To earn college credits, students can create professional training portfolios or write “experience essays.” A portfolio is a series of documents, such as transcripts, certificates, licenses, workshops or seminars from other schools.