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Where to buy a fake Wagner College certificate, 订购瓦格纳学院证书 - Buy a Fake Diploma|Buy a Fake Degree|Buy a Fake Certificate/Transcript

Where to buy a fake Wagner College certificate, 订购瓦格纳学院证书

Wagner College certificate
Wagner College certificate

Where to buy a fake Wagner College certificate

Wagner College was founded in Rochester, New York in 1883 as the Lutheran Seminary in Rochester. Its purpose was to prepare young people for admission to Lutheran seminaries and to ensure that they would be fluent in English and German to serve the then large German immigrant community. The school’s six-year curriculum (covering high and junior high schools) is modeled after the German gymnasium curriculum. In 1886, after John G. Wagner purchased a building in Rochester in honor of his son, the school was renamed Wagner Memorial Lutheran College.

The college moved to the former Cunard estate on 38 acres (15 hectares) on Grymes Hill in Staten Island in 1918. An Italianate villa called Westwood, the Cunard Building (circa 1851) extant (now Cunard Hall), the adjacent former hotel annex built in 1905 (originally called North Hall, now Reynolds Building) ). The college soon expanded to 57 acres (23 hectares) after acquiring the adjacent Jacob Vanderbilt estate in 1922. In the 1920s, the curriculum began to shift toward American-style liberal arts programs, when New York State conferred a university degree in 1928. The college admitted women in 1933 and launched its graduate program in 1951. The college expanded further when it purchased the WG Ward estate (the current site of Wagner College Stadium) in 1949, and again in 1993. The college acquired the former’s adjacent property, the Augustine College, which essentially retained its wooded green space and sports fields. The college now occupies 105 acres (42 hectares) on the hill, with stunning views of New York Harbor, the Verrazano Bridge, downtown Brooklyn and lower Manhattan.