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Why would people buy a fake Institute of Certified Management Accountants diploma - Buy a Fake Diploma|Buy a Fake Degree|Buy a Fake Certificate/Transcript

Why would people buy a fake Institute of Certified Management Accountants diploma

 Institute of Certified Management Accountants diploma
Institute of Certified Management Accountants diploma

Why would people buy a fake Institute of Certified Management Accountants diploma
ICMA became a legal reality when it passed its first constitution on 11 October 1996; it was subsequently established on 12 November 1996 under the Incorporation of Associations Act 1981 (Victoria).

In March 1997, at a meeting of founding members, it was decided to elect Mr. Leon Duval (practicing Chartered Accountant and Management Accountant for approximately 25 years) as Interim President. A room in Mr Duval’s office, Suite 6, 242 Hawthorne Road, Caulfield, is ICMA’s first address and secretariat.

On Mr. Duval’s behalf, invitations were sent to more than 150 leading professionals and academics in the field of management accounting to join the new institute as foundation members. Almost immediately, 75 people accepted the invitation. The institute’s original executive committee was selected from among its foundation members.

Today, ICMA is a full-service body for its members and other stakeholders. Services provided by the ICMA Secretariat[6] include maintaining a company website in line with ICMA’s international image; this includes designing and maintaining a members-only area on the website. ICMA publishes 6 On Target eNewsletters per year and owns the biannual research journal, Management Accounting Frontiers (MAF). It has a library of over 12,000 texts as well as professional and scholarly publications.

ICMA also provides training and examinations for its educational programs in all its regions and branches and in more than 20 other countries, and students undertake the CMA program through online and distance education. ICMA maintains the CEO Blog, links to LinkedIn and Twitter. For members who already have a CMA, ICMA offers members Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities through its Certificate of Proficiency.

ICMA is recognised by the Commonwealth under the Citizens Organisation category.