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Buy a fake Texas Tech University Transcript , 购买假的美国德州理工大学成绩单

Buy a fake Texas Tech University Transcript , 购买假的美国德州理工大学成绩单

Texas Tech University Transcript
Texas Tech University Transcript

Buy a Texas Tech University degree and transcript online. How much to purchase a fake Texas Tech University transcript? copy #Texas Tech University diploma with the transcript. Texas Tech University (Texas Tech University) is a four-year public university founded in 1923 and is one of the best public universities in the Texas region of the southern United States. The school is located in Lubbock, Northwest Texas, and was selected as one of the “Best Cities in America” by Money Magazine. The school campus covers an area of 1839 acres (7.44 square kilometers), which is also one of the largest campuses in the United States. As of 2010, there were 28,422 registered students, and the total number of students ranked seventh among many colleges and universities in Texas.

The school has 120 undergraduate degrees, 182 master’s degrees, and 78 doctoral degrees. The best subjects at the university are mathematics, engineering, chemistry, business, and mass communication. The school has research institutions such as clothing and textile research institutes, farmland experimental fields, solar energy utilization research centers, and natural science laboratories, as well as engineering colleges, liberal arts colleges, architecture colleges, business management colleges, home economics colleges, education colleges, agricultural sciences, and law schools. Faculty and Graduate School. The most popular subjects for students are Business Administration (18%), Home Economics (13%), Education (9%), Engineering (8%), and Mass Communication (8%).

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There are hundreds of disciplines and majors, mainly including: applied art and design, music pedagogy, entomology, microbiology, taxation, classical literature, plants and plant science, zoology, civil engineering, children and family studies, urban and regional planning, consulting, engineering and applied science, engineering physics, applied physics, environmental policy and resource management, electrical engineering, food science and technology, geriatric medicine, home economics and human development, home economics pedagogy, horticulture, Industrial Management, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, Museology, Grassland Science, Germanic Linguistics, Speech and Interpersonal Communication, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, Anatomy, Anthropology, Art Pedagogy, Applied Mathematics, Medicine, Biophysics Science, Dance, Finance and Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Business Education, Clinical Psychology, Pathology, Biology, Art, Psychology, Geography, Experimental Psychology, Environmental Design, Computer Engineering , Chemistry, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, Speech Pathology, Health Organization Management and Hospital Management, Consulting Psychology, Consulting Pedagogy, Child Education, Educational Management, Educational Technology, Primary Education, Economics, Pedagogy, Nursing, Dentistry, Geology, Geophysics, Stomatology and Dental Medicine, Special Education, Health Education, Graphic Design, Health Care, Drama and Stage Arts, German, Photography, English, German, Immunology, Law , Sports and Human Movement Studies, Secondary Education, Textile Design, Physiology, History, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Government and Policy, Journalism, Law, Linguistics, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work , sociology, ecology, genetics, biochemistry, statistics, music, chemistry, etc., most of which can be awarded a master’s or doctoral degree.