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Buy a fake AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft diploma

Buy a fake AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft diploma


Buy a fake AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft diploma, How to buy a fake AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft diploma fast, Buy degree certificate online. AKAD – Bildungsgesellschaft is the sponsoring company of the private university AKAD University and the AKAD Institute of Continuing Education which offers non-academic further education. The University of Applied Sciences is headquartered in Stuttgart and has examination centers in various other locations. The original three universities of Stuttgart, Leipzig and Pinneberg were accredited by the Scientific Council through a joint procedure in July 2006 and re-accredited in November 2009.

AKAD-Bildungsgesellschaft originates from AKAD in Switzerland and originally belonged to Franz Cornelsen Bildungsgruppe. In April 2014, AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft mbH and the then AKAD College for Adult Education GmbH (today: AKAD Institute for Continuing Education) were taken over by Aurelius.

AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft diploma
AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft diploma

Where to buy a fake AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft diploma. In 1959, the “Akademikergesellschaft für Adult Education mbH” was established in Stuttgart to prepare workers for high school graduation through a combination of distance learning and face-to-face courses. From 1960, additional offices were added in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Munich. A preparatory course in business administration was offered in 1968, followed by further correspondence courses in subsequent years. In 1974 the Institute for the Diploma of Languages ​​was opened. In 1975, a business school was opened for training and continuing education in the business field. Nationally recognized distance learning university founded in 1980 at a university in Rendsburg (later Pinneberg). The following year, the program of study begins with the first degree program in Business Administration and Industrial Engineering. Since then, the range of learning and fellowship opportunities has expanded. At the end of January 2014, AKAD consolidated the activities of its three previous universities in Pinneberg, Leipzig and Stuttgart into one university.

In April 2014, Franz Cornelsen Education Group sold the company to Aurelius AG. In August 2014, AKAD announced that the sites would be repurposed as part of a new research model. 7 branches and workshop locations closed at the end of 2014. Teaching has been largely online since then, with in-person events only taking place in Stuttgart. Germany has set up 33 examination centres to administer the examinations.

Courses offered come from the fields of business administration, computer science and mechanical engineering. Courses are also offered in these areas. The Faculty’s focus is on the IHK degree and the “Nationally Accredited Translation” program. How long to get a fake AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft diploma