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Can I buy a Universität Passau Urkunde and Zeugnis online

Can I buy a Universität Passau Urkunde and Zeugnis online

Universität Passau Urkunde and Zeugnis
Universität Passau Urkunde and Zeugnis

How long to get a fake Universität Passau Urkunde and Zeugnis? Where can I order a fake Universität Passau diploma? Purchase a Universität Passau degree. I would like to order a fake University of Passau degree certificate in 2023, Order a University of Passau degree, Buy a University of Passau diploma in Germany. Buy a fake diploma online. The Department of Economics at the University of Passau is a young, creative and dynamic department that enjoys a high reputation throughout Germany. Highly practice-oriented, innovative and interdisciplinary research is the foundation of the department’s economic research including basic research and practical applications. At the same time, the department is also an international teaching and research institution.

The Department of Economics at the University of Passau currently has 1,933 students. The department has always been famous in Germany for its low-key and strict nature. It ranks around tenth in various rankings of economics majors in German universities. Outstanding professors include Walter Schweitzer, Robert Obermaier, Oliver Entrop, Harry Haupt, Hans Ziegler, Nikolas Wagner, etc. Among them, Professor Johann Graf Lambsdorff is the concept creator of the important assessment “Corruption Perception Index” released annually by the international organization Transparency International. Every year, the world Scholars from all over came here to listen to his lectures. Many professors in the department have published numerous papers in world-class academic journals. The department’s teaching focuses on combining teaching with practice. Every semester, business executives or European Central Bank scholars are invited to teach together with professors in the department, imparting front-line experience and combining theory with practice.

In 2011, the majors in corporate economics and national economics were ranked 12th and 19th in Germany respectively by Economic Weekly.

In 2012, the Bachelor of Economics and Master of Business Administration majors were jointly ranked 11th and 8th in Germany by The Times and DAAD through CHE-Ranking, ranking among the top.

In 2018, the economics major was ranked among the top by the German CHE-ranking.

There are 23 professors in the School of Economics, respectively in Accounting, Finance, Taxation, International Management and Marketing, Economic Informatics (Wirtschaftsinformatik/Information System), Macroeconomics (Economics) and Mathematics. The Quantitative Methoden direction provides a large number of courses for undergraduate and master’s students to choose from. Students can be awarded a bachelor’s or master’s degree after graduation.

Can I buy a fake Universität Passau Urkunde and Zeugnis online?

The two undergraduate majors are: Business Administration and Economics (Business Administration and Economics) and Economic Informatics (Wirtschaftsinformatik/Business Computing), both of which are Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

The three master’s majors include: BWL (Master of Business Administration), VWL (International Economics and Business, M.A.), and Economic Informatics (Wirtschaftsinformatik, M.Sc.). Among them, students majoring in Business Administration (BWL) account for the majority. Postgraduate students in this major can further choose to study in three professional directions, namely accounting, finance and taxation (Acounting, Finance and Taxation), international management and marketing (International Management and Marketing) and economic informatics (Wirtschaftsinformatik/Information System). ) to carry out focused study and graduate with a M.Sc Business Administration plus a degree in a specific major, or without choosing a specific major, graduate with a Master of Business Administration degree. Therefore, for students, the choice of professional courses is extremely flexible and can be Develop a suitable course plan for yourself based on your professional direction, abilities, and interests.

At the same time, the School of Economics at the University of Passau provides a wealth of foreign exchange programs (overseas semesters) for postgraduate students studying corporate economics, including double-degree options with high-quality master’s degrees to increase students’ professional academic abilities and cross-cultural abilities for future work. There are more options in the workplace or academic field.

law school
The law major of the University of Passau is renowned throughout Germany in the fields of teaching, academics and international cooperation.

According to the latest ranking of CHE-Hochschulranking (CHE, Abk.das Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung) in 2013/14 (the main evaluation aspects are: overall student situation, professor guidance, school reputation, academic financial support, academic achievements), the Law major of the University of Passau It ranks among the best in terms of overall student situation, professor guidance, and school reputation. Its academic results are also in the middle and upper reaches. What is slightly lacking is academic financial support.

According to the 2011/12 CHE-Hochshculranking rankings of the German “Zeit” magazine, the overall ranking of the Passau University Law School is second only to the Hamburg Law School (Bucerius Law School, a small private law school). Ranked second among German universities and first among German public universities.

The law major is mainly divided into two directions: national examination and academic research.

National examination: After three semesters of basic law study, once students pass the mid-semester examination, they can choose key subjects from 25 subjects as their main direction of study to prepare for the first national examination. The school provides high-intensity and wide-ranging pre-examination guidance to students taking the first national examination at no additional cost. Buy a fake diploma online.