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订购熊本大学文凭, Kumamoto University diploma for sale

订购熊本大学文凭, Kumamoto University diploma for sale


订购熊本大学文凭, Kumamoto University diploma for sale. How to get a realistic Kumamoto University degree? Kumamoto University (くまもとだいがく, Kumamoto University), founded in July 1756, is located in Kumamoto City, Kyushu, Japan. It is a research-oriented national university and a member of the Japanese Super International University Project. The principal is Nobushi Harada.

Kumamoto University, as of August 8, 2017, has 7 colleges, 9 graduate schools and 21 teaching research. There are about 2,500 teaching staff. As of July 27, 2021, there are three campuses: the headquarters, the Honjo Campus, and the Oe Campus.

Kumamoto University originated from the “Fanziyuan” of the pharmaceutical college established by the lord of the Kumamoto feudal clan, Hosokawa Shigeken. A member of the “Old Six Medical Universities” among the University of Arts and Sciences, the Second University of Engineering, and the Second University of Commerce. There are well-known alumni such as Hayato Ikeda and Eisaku Sato.

In the 2020QS World University Rankings, it ranks in the 531-540 range. In the 2021QS World University Rankings, it ranks in the 561-570 range.

Graduate School of Education: School Education, Special Support Education, Subject Education (National Language Education, Social Science Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Music Education, Art Education, Health and Physical Education, Technical Education, Home Economics Education, English Education), Health Education;

Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences: Public Policy, Law, Modern Social Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Professor Systematics;

Graduate School of Natural Sciences: Science, Composite New Field Science, Information Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Material Life Chemistry, Materialistic Engineering, Mechanical Systems Engineering, Social Environmental Engineering, Architecture

Department of Medical Education and Research: Medical Science;

Department of Pharmacy Education: New Drug Development and Life Medicine Science

Department of Life Science Research: General Medical Science Department, Advanced Life Medical Science Department, Environmental Social Medicine

Health Science Education Department: Health Science