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Purchase a Lebanese American University diploma, Order a LAU degree, 2023黎巴嫩美国大学毕业证

Purchase a Lebanese American University diploma, Order a LAU degree, 2023黎巴嫩美国大学毕业证

LAU degree, 黎巴嫩美国大学毕业证
LAU degree, 黎巴嫩美国大学毕业证

How to get Lebanese American University diploma? Order a LAU degree. Where can I order a fake LAU diploma? LAU degree and transcript for sale. Buy a fake diploma online. LAU 有两个主校区,一个位于首都贝鲁特,另一个位于贝鲁特以北 35 公里的比布鲁斯市。LAU 还在纽约州纽约市设有一个小型校园。[6]

比布鲁斯校区于 1991 年落成,开设护理、医学、工程和药学课程,而大多数其他课程均在两个校区提供。

LAU 的贝鲁特和比布鲁斯校区面积分别为 2.54 公顷和 15.94 公顷。在两个校区,学生都可以使用图书馆、体育馆、宿舍、剧院、无线网络、计算机中心、实验室和学术支持服务。

2009年6月30日,LAU收购了LAU医疗中心-Rizk医院(LAUMC-RH)。[7] LAUMC-RH 提供放射学和影像学、透析、内窥镜检查、皮肤科、眼科、体外受精和心脏病学等医疗服务。2013年,LAU将其纽约市总部迁至曼哈顿中城[9],并在贝鲁特市中心开设了新的德事商务中心。

LAU has two main campuses, one in the capital Beirut and the other in the city of Byblos, 35 kilometers north of Beirut. LAU also has a small campus in New York City, New York. [6]

The Byblos campus, inaugurated in 1991, offers nursing, medicine, engineering and pharmacy courses, while most other courses are offered at both campuses.

LAU’s Beirut and Byblos campuses are 2.54 hectares and 15.94 hectares respectively. On both campuses, students have access to libraries, gymnasiums, residence halls, theaters, wireless networks, computer centers, laboratories and academic support services.

On June 30, 2009, LAU acquired LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital (LAUMC-RH). [7] LAUMC-RH provides medical services such as radiology and imaging, dialysis, endoscopy, dermatology, ophthalmology, in vitro fertilization, and cardiology. In 2013, LAU moved its New York City headquarters to Midtown Manhattan[9] and opened a new executive business center in downtown Beirut.