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Can I buy a fake Universitas Carolina diploma?

Can I buy a fake Universitas Carolina diploma?

Universitas Carolina diploma
Universitas Carolina diploma

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Charles University currently has 17 faculties:

3 seminaries (Catholic Theological Seminary, Protestant Theological Seminary, Hussite Theological Seminary)

6 medical schools and pharmaceutical schools (First Medical College, Second Medical College, Third Medical College, Pearson Medical College, Hradec Králové Medical College, Hradec Králové Medical College, Hradec Králové Medical College)

4 liberal arts colleges (law school, liberal arts college, humanities college, social science college)

2 faculties of science (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)

2 schools of education (School of Physical Education, School of Education)

school of Humanities
The Faculty of Humanities (FHS in Czech) was formally established in 2000, formerly the Institute for Liberal Education established in 1994. It currently has approximately 2,400 students and 240 faculty and administrative staff. Courses and degrees are offered in Czech, English, French and German. The first dean (2000-2007) was the Czech Republic presidential candidate, philosopher and translator Jan Sokol, who lost to Klaus in 2003.

The College of Humanities and the Faculty of Arts are two colleges. The latter was one of the four colleges when the university was founded in 1348, the others being the Divinity School (now divided into three), the Law School and the Medical School (now divided into six).

School of Social Sciences
The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV in Czech abbreviation) of Charles University was formerly the School of Journalism established in the 1960s and was renamed its current name in 1990. The college currently has about 5,000 students, offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree courses taught in Czech and English. It has five teaching and research institutions:






5 professional settings editor
The academic system of Charles University complies with the unified regulations of the European Union’s Bologna Process, that is, three years for undergraduates, two years for masters, and three years for doctoral degrees. Charles University’s course credits comply with the ECTS European Credit Transfer System and are fully recognized within the EU higher education system.

Teaching in Czech
Catholic Theological Seminary (Prague), Protestant Theological Seminary (Prague), Hussite Theological Seminary (Prague), Law School (Prague), First Medical School (Prague), Second Medical School (Prague), Third Medical School (Prague) ), Faculty of Medicine (Pilsen), Faculty of Medicine (Hradec Králové), Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Faculty of Philosophy (Prague), Faculty of Natural Sciences (Prague), Faculty of Mathematics and Physics ( All courses at the Faculty of Education (Prague), Faculty of Social Sciences (Prague), Faculty of Physical Education (Prague) and Faculty of Humanities (Prague).

Taught in English
School of Philosophy: including film, drama, history, logic, educational sociology, linguistics and phonetics, and 4-year full-time Bachelor of Arts majors.

Medical School: The five medical departments basically accept international students, and full-time student courses (including basic courses and pre-clinical research) are all taught in English.

Faculty of Social Sciences: Fundamentals of Sociology, Czech and Slavic Sociology, Czech Language, Political Studies, Film and Photojournalism, Economics, Mass Communication.

School of Mathematics and Physics: 5-year majors and 3-year postgraduate majors are taught in English (such as solid-state optics, X-ray structural analysis, theoretical geophysics, laser spectroscopy, etc.).

School of Physical Education: 5-year major, 3-year Doctor of Philosophy major, and two majors in sports and rehabilitation.

Faculty of Science: Bachelor’s degree majors in geology, geography and biology, Master’s degree in natural environment protection (3-year program), and Doctor of Philosophy program (2-year program). Other majors taught in English are Geochemistry, Fundamentals of Geology and Sedimentary Geology, Applied Geophysics, Engineering Geology and Hydraulic Geology, Geography and Cartography, Demography in Geography, Sociology and Economics, Analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, nuclear chemistry, biochemistry, general chemistry, special biology and ecology, microbiology and genetics, natural environment protection, etc. Buy a fake Universitas Carolina diploma in 2024.