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Where can I buy a fake Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne diploma?

Where can I buy a fake Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne diploma?

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne diploma
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne diploma

How to buy a fake Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne diploma? Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne degree order. Buy a University diploma online. Make a fake diploma. The Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Paris I includes three teaching and research units (UFR): Economics, Management, and Mathematics and Computer Informatics. The Institute of Business Administration (IAE), a public institution belonging to the University of Paris I, also belongs to this department. Fake diploma company website.  Fake diploma company online.

The Department of Humanities and Sciences has concentrated teaching and research units in history, geography, philosophy, art history and archeology, plastic arts and art sciences.

The Department of Law and Political Science includes teaching and research units such as Law, Administration and Public Sector, Business Law, European and International Studies, Political Science, and Labor and Social Studies: Economic and Social Management and Social Law.

The scientific research of the University of Paris I not only inherits the tradition of excellence inherited from the history of the famous school, but also implements continuous innovation in research topics and methods. The school has 1,100 teacher-researchers, in addition to 200 researchers affiliated with large national research institutions and 150 engineers, administrative staff and technicians, forming 68 recognized research teams.

The doctoral training at the University of Paris I is organized according to 74 Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) courses and 15 doctoral schools; 1,700 Diplomas of Advanced Studies, nearly 400 doctorates, and 30 graduate tutor qualifications are awarded every year.

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The University of Paris I is responsible for managing one of the largest resource centers in France; and the magnificent Sorbonne Library, with a collection of nearly 3 million volumes, is undoubtedly the treasure of this resource center.

The University of Paris I, like its predecessor, the Paris School of Law, is loyal to international traditions and pays attention to the various evolutions of the times. It has important exchanges with all famous universities on the five continents of the world.

The current teaching system of French universities is a three-stage system. The first stage mainly provides basic education. Students are not sure of their majors when they enroll. They only take public courses according to several major subjects (arts, science, medicine, law, humanities, etc.) to prepare for future choices. Professional preparation, this stage is considered an “orientation stage”.

In the second stage, students are divided into majors, but there are still public courses. The third stage is mainly cultivated through scientific research. The first and second stages last for two years each and are undergraduate education stages; the third stage is the postgraduate stage and last for 3 years. In 1984, it was changed to 3-5 years. The three stages are relatively independent, each with different diplomas or degrees. The first stage is a “university general academic diploma”, and the second stage is two degrees. The first year (equivalent to the third year of Chinese universities) is a bachelor’s degree, and the second year is a master’s degree. In order to enhance the competitiveness of employment, various universities have established third professional master’s degrees such as “Master of Science and Technology” in recent years. The third stage is divided into two steps. The first year is the doctoral preparation stage. After completing the prescribed courses and completing a short thesis, those who pass the exam will obtain the “In-depth Study Diploma”; and then study for the third stage doctoral degree. After the reform of higher education in 1984, the third-stage doctorate was abolished and renamed “new doctorate”. It takes 3-5 years to complete a doctoral thesis that reflects the research results of the doctoral candidate. After the thesis review team reviews and passes the defense, the doctorate is awarded. Bachelor of Science. Fake diploma company.