Buying a fake BPP University transcript for a job, 制作 BPP 大学成绩单

BPP University transcript
BPP University transcript

Buying a fake BPP University transcript for a job

BPP University has been accused of “destructive editing” on Wikipedia in a successful case against them of unfair dismissal.

On December 15, 2020, the student council presidents of the four court colleges—Grey, Lincoln, Inner Temple, and Middle Temple—written a joint letter to BPP University School of Law stating that what they say is the existence of “university teaching” Systemic flaws”. Student council presidents expressed their “unwavering solidarity” with students who have been “negatively affected” by the quality of teaching in BPP’s professional training for lawyers and the Graduate Diploma in Law.

In 2020, BPP and Grant Thornton LLP launched a coaching professional apprenticeship program, and in March 2021, launched two data apprenticeship programs (digital accountants/in-house training) for Grant Thornton and Mazars.
In May 2021, official figures from the Office of Students, the education watchdog, found the university was the lowest-ranked institution in the country for student employability. “More than a year after graduating, 69.2% of students at BPP universities specializing in law and accounting courses have failed to secure graduate employment or further study,” The Telegraph said in reporting the findings.
BPP has launched a chat initiative for its law students in chat and networking in 2021. Previously, BPP launched a wellbeing initiative to teach students how to meditate and provide them with “specially commissioned audio meditations”.