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Buy a Imperial College London degree with transcript, 伦敦帝国理工学院学位及成绩单定制

Buy a Imperial College London degree with transcript, 伦敦帝国理工学院学位及成绩单定制

Imperial College London degree
Imperial College London degree

How to buy an Imperial College London degree and transcript? Buy an Imperial College London diploma in 2023. Copy Imperial College London degree certificate and transcript.  Imperial College London, together with Cambridge University, Oxford University, University College London, and the London School of Economics and Political Science, is the “G5 Super Elite Universities”, representing the top research, student and faculty quality, and economic strength of the UK. The five members of the G5 have been able to increase the government’s budget for education and research by working closely together in related research areas while injecting new energy into the UK academic sector.

Imperial College offers undergraduate and postgraduate education in four schools, Engineering, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Business. Often regarded as one of the most rigorous universities in the UK, it is notable for the proportion of first-class degrees it awards and the annual culling rate, despite having one of the highest entry standards in the UK.


Imperial College London is consistently ranked in the top five of various university rankings in the UK and the world. Combining various university ranking data, Imperial College London has managed to occupy a top five overall position despite being a university specializing in science and engineering disciplines, as well as ranking in the top three of many engineering and medical school rankings.

In terms of the world, the 2019 QS Global University Rankings table shows that Imperial London is ranked 8th in the world and 3rd in the UK. It is ranked 6th in the world (2nd in Europe) for engineering and information technology, 9th in the world for medicine, 11th in the world for science, 13th in the world for finance, and tops in Europe for business schools. The school’s Master in Management program was ranked 19th in the 2014 Financial Times Global Master in Management rankings.


Imperial College London transcript
Imperial College London transcript

Buy an Imperial College London degree, Buy an Imperial College London transcript.

Imperial College London has approximately 2,800 researchers, including 74 Fellows of the Royal Society, 85 Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences, 84 Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE), including Chinese Professor Jianguo Lin of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Professor Guangzhong Yang, Director of the Centre for Biomedical Engineering [7]. Meanwhile, past members of Imperial London have included 14 Nobel Prize and three Fields Prize winners. 2004-5 saw a total student population of 11,152, of which overseas students (non-EU) accounted for approximately 26.5%.

In January 2014, Alice P Gast, President of Lehigh University, a leading US polytechnic, accepted Imperial College’s invitation to become the new President of Imperial College London. Imperial College London welcomes a highly motivated and academically skilled female Principal.

G5 Super Elite University
Imperial College London is one of the “G5 Super Elite Universities”. “Group 5 was established in 2004 and its five members have been working closely together in related research areas to increase government budgets for education and research, and to reinvigorate the UK academic sector. Of the five members, the University of Oxford is located in Oxford, the University of Cambridge is located in Cambridge, and the remaining three universities are located in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. Imperial College London became a constituent college of the University of London of the University Commonwealth in 1907 and officially separated from the University of London as an independent university in July 2007 under the authority of Queen Elizabeth II. University College London (UCL) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) remain within the University of London League (UOL).