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Buy an Open University diploma and transcript in 2023

Buy a Open University diploma and transcript in 2023

Open University diploma
Open University diploma

Buy an Open University degree in 2023. How to get a realistic Open University diploma and transcript? Where to order a fake Open University Bachelor of Science degree and transcript? Purchase a fake Open University Bachelor of Arts diploma certificate.   The Open University (OU for short) is a British public research university established in 1969 under the approval of the British Royal Charter and has the right to award undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Headquartered in North London, it has teaching centers in major cities in the UK. It is the first university in the world to successfully implement distance education. The school is also the largest university in the UK and Europe, with a student population of 174,898. Since its establishment, There have been more than 2 million graduates.

The school pioneered flexible education and established a higher education system that uses distance teaching methods such as television, radio, and correspondence. This open education that breaks the barriers of time and space is known as “a great event in the history of a British education.” innovation”.

The school offers 133 undergraduate courses, and the courses are offered in the following departments: the School of Business, the Department of Humanities, the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Science, the Department of Sociology, the Department of Technology, and the College of Education. Graduate courses include manufacturing and business management, mathematics, advanced education and social research methods, education, literature, computer applications in industry, etc.


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Open University transcript
Open University transcript

开放大学(The Open University,简称OU),是一所英国公立研究型大学,1969年在英国王室特许令批准下成立,有权颁授本科及研究生学位。总部座落在北伦敦,在英国各大城市均设有教学中心,是世界上第一所成功落实远程教育的大学,学校也是英国和欧洲最大规模的高校,学生人数达174,898人,自成立以来已有超过200万名毕业生。

学校开创弹性教育(Flexible Education)的先河,建立以电视、电台、函授等远距离方式进行教学的高等教育体系,这种打破时空隔阂的开放式教育,被誉为是“英国教育史上的一次伟大革新”。