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Edge Hill University degree
Edge Hill University degree


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Edgehill College was founded on 24 January 1885 by seven Liverpool businessmen and philanthropists on the Duning Road, Edghill, Liverpool. Named for the region in which it is located, it was the first non-denominational teacher training college for women in England. By 1892 Edge Hill was one of only two colleges in England to combine teacher training and degree study. As the number of students grew, Edge Hill quickly grew beyond its surroundings. The institution was handed over to the Lancashire County Board of Education and on 26 October 1931 Lancashire County Council Chairman JT Travis-Clegg laid the foundation stone for what is now the Ormskirk campus. The main buildings include a main educational building, four dormitories (named Stanley, Clough, Lady Margaret and John Dalton), a town hall, a library, craft room, gymnasium, lecture hall, classrooms and a music room.

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Between 1939 and 1946 the college was evacuated to Bentley, Yorkshire, and the Ormskirk site was requisitioned by the army.

During the Liverpool Blitz on 17 November 1940, houses on Durning Road were destroyed in a bombing that killed 166 people.

Edge Hill became a mixed college, enrolling its first male students in October 1959, when there were around 500 students. In 1963, the university recorded 660 students and 59 faculty members.

The institution has since expanded further, with further development at Ormskirk and the absorption of the former Sefton Health Research Institute.

In 2005, Edge Hill was awarded a teaching degree by the Privy Council. On May 18, 2006, the institution was renamed Edge Hill University, and in August 2008, the university was granted the power to award research degrees.


埃奇希尔学院由七名利物浦商人和慈善家于 1885 年 1 月 24 日在利物浦埃奇希尔的杜宁路创立。它以其所在的地区命名,是英格兰第一所非宗派女子师范学院。到 1892 年,Edge Hill 是英格兰仅有的两所结合教师培训和学位学习的学院之一。随着学生人数的增加,Edge Hill 迅速发展到超出其周围环境的范围。该机构被移交给兰开夏郡教育委员会,并于 1931 年 10 月 26 日兰开夏郡议会主席 JT Travis-Clegg 为现在的 Ormskirk 校园奠定了基石。主要建筑包括一座主教学楼、四间宿舍(名为斯坦利、克劳夫、玛格丽特夫人和约翰道尔顿)、市政厅、图书馆、工艺室、体育馆、演讲厅、教室和音乐室。

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1939 年至 1946 年间,学院被疏散到约克郡的本特利,而奥姆斯柯克遗址被军队征用。

在 1940 年 11 月 17 日的利物浦闪电战期间,德宁路的房屋在爆炸中被摧毁,造成 166 人死亡。

Edge Hill 成为一所混合学院,于 1959 年 10 月招收了第一批男学生,当时约有 500 名学生。 1963年,全校在册学生660人,教职工59人。

此后,该机构进一步扩大,在 Ormskirk 进一步发展并吸收了前 Sefton 健康研究所。

2005 年,Edge Hill 被枢密院授予教学学位。 2006年5月18日,该机构更名为边山大学,2008年8月,该大学获得授予研究学位的权力。