How to buy a fake University of the Pacific diploma, 太平洋大学(美国)毕业证成绩单定制

University of the Pacific diploma, 太平洋大学(美国)毕业证
University of the Pacific diploma, 太平洋大学(美国)毕业证

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The University of the Pacific (Pacific or UOP) is a private Methodist affiliated university with its main campus in Stockton, California, and graduate campuses in San Francisco and Sacramento. It is the first university in California, the first independent coeducational campus in California, and the first conservatory and medical school on the West Coast.

The University of the Pacific received its first charter in Santa Clara, California, under the name of California Wesleyan College on July 10, 1851. The school moved to San Jose in 1871 and then to Stockton in 1923. Pacific is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). In addition to the College of Arts and Sciences and Graduate School, Pacific also has the School of Business, the School of Dentistry, the School of Education, the School of Engineering, the School of International Studies, the School of Law, the School of Music, the School of Pharmacy, and the School of Health Sciences.

太平洋大学(Pacific or UOP)是一所私立卫理公会附属大学,主校区位于加利福尼亚州斯托克顿,研究生校区位于旧金山和萨克拉门托。它是加利福尼亚州的第一所大学,加利福尼亚州第一个独立的男女同校校园,也是西海岸第一所音乐学院和第一所医学院。

太平洋大学于 1851 年 7 月 10 日在加利福尼亚州圣克拉拉市以加利福尼亚卫斯理学院的名义首次获得特许。学校于 1871 年迁至圣何塞,然后于 1923 年迁至斯托克顿。 Pacific 获得了西部学校和学院协会(WASC) 的认可。除了文理学院和研究生院,太平洋还有商学院、牙科学院、教育学院、工程学院、国际研究学院、法律学院、音乐学院、药学院和健康科学学院。