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How much does a fake Holy Names University diploma cost - Buy a Fake Diploma|Buy a Fake Degree|Buy a Fake Certificate/Transcript

How much does a fake Holy Names University diploma cost

Holy Names University diploma
Holy Names University diploma

How much does a fake Holy Names University diploma cost
Holy Name University is located on 60 wooded acres in Oakland Hills, about 2.5 miles southeast of the Montclair district. To the north of the campus is the Woodminster community, and Oakland’s 500-acre Joaquin Miller Park. In the southeast, the Holy Names campus is flanked by the community of Crestmont, the community of Redwood Heights to the east, and the Warren Freeway to the west. Redwood Regional Park is part of the East Bay Regional Park District and is located approximately 2.2 miles east of Redwood Road.

San Francisco Bay Area architect Milton T. Pflueger, the younger brother of renowned architect Timothy L. Pflueger, designed the mid-century modern campus building, which was constructed from 1955 to 1958 and opened in 1957. Milton Pflueger designed many campus buildings at UC Berkeley and Stanford, but Holy Names was the only full campus he designed. The first buildings constructed included the Michael and Maureen Hester Administration, Paul J. Cushing Library, Tobin Coliseum, and McLean Church. The hillside location inspired the linear plan, with low-roofed buildings nestled into the slope. The site features panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay, from San Jose on the San Francisco Peninsula to Mount Tamalpais on the Marin Peninsula.